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Publised date : 04 May 2018



Fife MSP Jenny Gilruth has revealed that Fife has the longest wait in Scotland for victims of rape, with some individuals waiting up to ten months for support. 


Speaking during a members’ debate on controversial changes by the Crown Office to prosecuting rape convictions, the MSP highlighted recent funding cuts to Fife’s Rape and Sexual Assault Centre (FRASAC) in the Scottish Parliament. 


Last year FRASAC were clear that a funding cut of 2.5% from Fife’s Health and Social Care Partnership was to blame as the service for was forced to close its waiting lists just three weeks before Christmas. Jenny Gilruth first raised the issue with the First Minister in December 2017 following the waiting list closure. Commenting after the debate the MSP said:


“It is completely unacceptable that victims of rape or sexual assault in Fife face the longest wait in the country to receive the support they require.


“FRASAC are clear that cuts to their core funding by Fife Health and Social Care Partnership have had a serious negative impact on their service provision.”


Research for Rape Crisis Scotland has revealed that victims of rape or sexual assault in Fife, which last year had the third largest waiting list in Scotland, can expect to wait up to ten months for crucial support – the largest waiting period in Scotland. 


While the service struggles by through funding cuts, the number of women approaching FRASAC for support is ever increasing. Between 2014 and 2018 the number of approached the service aged between 13 to 15 increased eightfold, while the annual number of cases since 2014 has risen from 213 to 280.  


“The Scottish Government have done what they can to support services nationally with additional funding - but the contrasting lack of empathy from Fife HSCP by forcing through blanket funding cuts, while a record number of innocent victims require support, is frankly appalling. 


“These cuts place the safety, health and physical wellbeing of women and children across the Kingdom under serious risk. I urge the Partnership to reinstate the essential funding immediately”.






A link to Jenny’s speech can be found here -


For further information on Rape Crisis Scotland’s statistics please contact:

Sandy Brindley

Chief Executive

Rape Crisis Scotland



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