Fife Council loses out on £2,873 per head as part of the United Kingdom

Published date : 12 Jul 2021

Fife Council is losing out on £2,873 per head of population from its GDP as a result of being part of the United Kingdom when production is compared with Scotland’s neighbours in north west Europe.


New research by the House of Commons Library shows the UK’s GDP is 12% lower than the average in north west Europe, making it worse off than countries such as Ireland, Finland and Denmark.


Currently, Fife Council produces £23,119 GDP per head but applying the 12% GDP gap, it could be producing £25,992 per head if Scotland was an independent country capable of fulfilling its potential like other small European nations.


Commenting, Mid Fife and Glenrothes MSP, Jenny Gilruth said:


“These stats are a damning indictment of Scotland’s position within the UK and just like Fife Council, every local authority in Scotland has a lower production level compared with countries in North West Europe that are of a similar population size to Scotland.


“Councils across Scotland, including Fife Council, are being held back by the UK and these stats demonstrate that. The only way Scotland can realise its full potential is by becoming an independent country.


“As small independent countries continue to flourish, Scotland cannot be left behind. We cannot trust the Tories to protect Scotland, the only way to do that is by becoming an independent country.”




1. Difference in GDP between the UK and the average for north west Europe in 2019 from House of Commons Library calculation of GDP at PPP converted to Sterling:




NW Europe


% Difference

2019 GDP






2. 12.4% difference applied to Fife Council’s GDP figures from latest ONS figures for GDP at a local authority level (Table 7) – provisional figures for 2019:


Local Authority

2019 Provisional Estimate

Estimate reflecting average for NW Europe







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