Published date : 16 Nov 2016

Constituents interested in finding out more about the Edinburgh Airport Draft Masterplan Consultation which is ongoing until December 23 can do so by visiting this link on Edinburgh Airport’s website: www.edinburghairport.com/about-us/airport-expansion

When completed, the document will replace the existing Masterplan which was published in 2011 (also available on the Airport’s website).

The Masterplan will set out a vision for the future of Airport and highlight the need to grow and develop responsibly over the next few decades, improving the experience for passengers, and enhancing the contribution the Airport makes to the regional and national economy.

Following this consultation and consideration of feedback received, a finalised Masterplan will be published in 2017.

Comments can be made for a six-week period between 11th November 2016 and 23rd December 2016. Responses can be submitted by email to Consultation@holderplanning.co.uk or by post to HolderPlanning, 5 South Charlotte Street, Edinburgh, EH2 4AN.

For those seeking more information, a series of consultation events for representations have also been organised to take place on the following dates and locations:

Tuesday 15th November, 1pm – 4pm at Edinburgh Airport Terminal (Airside - For Airport Users Only) Tuesday 22nd November, 3pm – 7pm at Hilton, Edinburgh Airport, Edinburgh, EH28 8LL Wednesday 30th November, 3pm – 7pm at Marriott Hotel, 111 Glasgow Road, Edinburgh, EH12 8NF

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