Published date : 20 Nov 2017

Jenny Gilruth MSP was delighted to accompany John Swinney MSP along to Glenrothes High School to address the audience of 80 staff from Glenrothes High School on their inaugural Professional Learning Conference held on 17th November.


Since Ms Gilruth’s election last May she has made a concerted effort to visit every school in the Mid Fife & Glenrothes Constituency.  Following on from one of those conversations, Ms Gilruth invited the Cabinet Secretary to address staff at Glenrothes High School.  Ms Gilruth is also the Parliamentary Liaison Officer to the Cabinet Secretary for Education and was previously a Teacher in Fife.


The Deputy First Minister outlined the Scottish Government’s education reforms and was happy to take questions from the floor. Topics included the Pupil Equity Fund, Curriculum for Excellence, and the national shortage of teachers coming into the profession.  In particular Mr Swinney spoke about adverse childhood experiences, linking poor speech and language development with the Scottish Government’s work around closing the poverty related attainment gap.   


Jenny Gilruth MSP said “I am so grateful to the Headteachers across my Constituency who have made time to sit down with me and express their experiences of how our education system works and where it needs improvements.  It is important that all levels of elected Members listen to the professionals on the front line.  I was delighted that the Deputy First Minister took time out of his busy schedule to come to my Constituency and to talk to the teachers of Glenrothes High School. I know that John Swinney MSP is absolutely committed to getting it right for every child. I hope that the teachers found his visit beneficial to their own professional learning.”


Headteacher Avril McNeill welcomed Mr Swinney commenting I am thankful to the Deputy First Minister for attending the premier professional learning conference at Glenrothes High School and for taking the time and effort to engage with teachers and support assistants in their

professional enquiry.  This essential self reflection will lead to continuous improvement.”


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