Published date : 13 Dec 2019

Coaltown Primary School pupils, Jade Dinsdale (aged 10) and Romea Pocock (aged 11) have been crowned the winners of local MSP, Jenny Gilruth's annual Christmas card competition. 

This year's competition theme was 'Climate Change at Christmas' and is sponsored by local business Greens of Markinch. 

Jenny Gilruth MSP visited Coaltown of Balgonie Primary School on Friday to present Jade and Romea with certificates and copies of their winning card designs. 

Commenting after the visit, the MSP said:

''I was blown away by the amount of talented designs submitted my office received for this year's competition. 

''I visited Coaltown of Balgonie in September and was struck by their passion for dealing with the climate emergency. 

''Jade and Romea did an absolutely fantastic job on their winning designs, and I want to extend my thanks to all pupils that took part in this year's competition.''

Coaltown of Balgonie Head Teacher, Elizabeth Thomson, added:

''Our children have been learning about the Scottish Parliament

''They met with Jenny Gilruth and asked her some very relevant questions and then had the opportunity to visit the Scottish Parliament.

''They were all very keen to take on the Christmas card challenge and created some fantastic designs!''



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