Published date : 25 Sep 2017

The news that WH Smith is to close its Leven branch has been met with disappointment from the town's parliamentarians. Stephen Gethins MP and Jenny Gilruth MSP have expressed their frustration at the closure of yet another of Leven's High Street names.

Levenmouth's MSP, Jenny Gilruth MSP commented: 

"WH Smith departing Leven High Street is another devastating blow for jobs in the town centre. From Cummings to Clydesdale to RBS - we have seen successive businesses up sticks and leave Leven in recent years."

North East Fife MP Stephen Gethins, whose constituency includes Leven, agreed:

"The decision to close WHSmith in Leven will be another blow to the High Street which is the heart of the town. Leven has already lost well-established retailers and its Clydesdale bank branch, and RBS, which offers vital services for customers and businesses in Leven and surrounding villages, is set to close next month. 

Mr Gethins, who is due to meet RBS bosses soon to discuss their local branch closures, added: 

"People in Levenmouth deserve better, they need jobs and investment in this area and we will do what we can to support that."

Miss Gilruth claimed the job loses now make the case for the reinstatement of the Levenmouth Rail Link imperative. The MSP commented:

"I am holding a member's debate on Wednesday in Holyrood on the reinstatement of the Levenmouth Rail Link. 

"A firm commitment from Fife Council & the Scottish Government to fund the Rail Link is the life line we need for Leven's future - businesses follow connected towns.

"The Scottish Government invested £25million in the new Levenmouth Academy. For the next generation growing up in the town we need jobs, we need transport links & we need urgent investment."

Stephen Gethins MP, a strong supporter of the Levenmouth Rail Link commented:

"It is important we work with colleagues in Fife Council and the Scottish Government to address the issues affecting Leven and continue to press for a rail link which will bring the investment needed". 

Both politicians will now be liaising with WH Smith to secure a reassurance from the company regarding the jobs affected and a commitment against any further store closures.


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