Published date : 29 Mar 2019

Mid Fife and Glenrothes MSP, Jenny Gilruth has commended the staff in Accident and Emergency at the Victoria Hospital. The Fife politician was commenting following a visit to meet with the A&E staff on Friday  29th  March. 


The MSP met with General Manager Miriam Watts, Ellen Ryabov, the Chief Operating Officer of NHS Fife, and Dr Andrew Kinnon, one of the Clinical Leads at Victoria Hospital’s Accident & Emergency department.  The department, which sees over 65,000 patients per year, has a 24-hour senior doctor presence.


Commenting after the visit, Glenrothes MSP Jenny Gilruth said:


“‘I am indebted to the Doctors and Nurses and all the medical staff who make A&E work at the Victoria Hospital. Our A&E staff provide the frontline support to those in need of medical attention across the Kingdom; they are often the first point of contact a person will have following injury and the work they should be commended for the work they do to ensure all patients are treated with dignity and respect.”


“It was a great opportunity to visit the Vic in my role as the constituency MSP for Mid Fife and Glenrothes – our Health service depends upon the people who make it work every day and I’d like to personally thank the staff I met for all their hard work in making Fife’s NHS work for the people I represent.”


NHS Fife’s Chief Operating Officer, Ellen Ryabov, added:


“We were delighted to welcome Ms Gilruth to the Victoria Hospital today. The staff in our Accident and Emergency, and indeed those across the whole of our hospital, work incredibly hard to offer the highest standards of care and treatment for the people of Fife.


“During the visit Ms Gilruth was able to observe first-hand the skill and dedication of our workforce, and see the commitment shown day-in, day-out to providing the best possible experience for those patients requiring our care.”


The Scottish Government has a 4 hour waiting time policy for accident & emergency departments; NHS Fife has a 91.7% success rate as of January 2019. The 4 hour Accident and Emergency waiting time Standard relates to all sites that carry out accident and emergency activity in Scotland. 



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