Publised date : 05 Mar 2018

Jenny Gilruth MSP has lodged a motion to Parliament highlighting the Life in Limbo Campaign.

A copy of the motion is noted below:


Motion Number: S5M-10787
Lodged By: Jenny Gilruth
Date Lodged: 02/03/2018

Title: Life in Limbo Campaign

Motion Text:

That the Parliament considers that too many homeless people are spending lengthy periods in unsuitable temporary accommodation, such as unsupported lodging hostels, lodging houses and bed and breakfast accommodation; recognises that many local authorities, including Fife Council, have eliminated the use of such unsuitable temporary accommodation while other local authorities are increasing its use to meet their statutory duties; believes that long periods of time in unsuitable temporary accommodation can be damaging for individuals; welcomes the Crisis campaign, Life in Limbo, which draws attention to the reality of living in unsuitable temporary accommodation, such as B&Bs, where individuals it considers often have no access to kitchen or laundry facilities, can be subject to restrictive curfew and where visits from non-dependent children, family or friends are often not permitted; believes that the cost of such accommodation is expensive both for the public purse and for individuals; notes that the Scottish Government has limited the time that families and pregnant women spend in unsuitable temporary accommodation to seven days; welcomes the establishment of the Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Action Group, which will review the current use of temporary accommodation; welcomes the recommendations in the recent homelessness report from the Local Government and Communities Committee to extend that time limit to care leavers and young people; notes calls for consideration to be given to further extend the time limit to seven days for all single homeless people to ensure that there is no longer a two tier system on unsuitable temporary accommodation.

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