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Motion to congratulate Step By Step, Combating Loneliness

Publised date : 12 Oct 2018

Motion Number: S5M-14306
Lodged By: Jenny Gilruth
Date Lodged: 11/10/2018

Title: Step By Step, Combating Loneliness

Motion Text:

That the Parliament commends Step By Step, which is a social group for adults in Fife who have lost love ones, on coming to Glenrothes; notes that it supports bereaved people, who feel socially isolated, lonely or who want to keep busy, by getting them to enjoy the benefits of connecting with others and becoming involved in the community; understands that its members do not have to talk about anything they do not want to and that it is all about connecting with others with similar experiences; notes that they are encouraged to engage in activities focused on building their strengths and building their resilience to become active; acknowledges that the service is free; believes that it is a great opportunity to meet new people by taking part in a range of activities, from chats over tea to relaxation exercises, music therapy, painting, arts/crafts, quizzes, plant-potting and being involved with community events, and wishes Step By Step and its members the best of luck with their activities.


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