Motion – Fife Gingerbread provides festive packages to 180 families in Fife

Publised date : 17 Jan 2019

Jenny Gilruth MSP lodged Motion S5M-15436 to congratulate Fife Gingerbread on providing festive packages to 180 families throughout Fife.


Motion Number: S5M-15436
Lodged By: Jenny Gilruth
Date Lodged: 16/01/2019

Title: Fife Gingerbread Festive Packages Success

Motion Text:

That the Parliament congratulates Fife Gingerbread on providing festive packages to 180 families throughout Fife after kindhearted locals responded to its Heat and Eat campaign; notes that each package helped parents to heat their home, give their children cosy clothing and provide meals for the family over the Christmas holidays; understands that, additionally, gifts for children were also included, meaning the 361 children in these families had a present to open on Christmas day; acknowledges that the Heat and Eat campaign raised £5,000 through a text to donate campaign and donations from local businesses, food was provided by Sainsbury’s and Kettle Produce, Forth One and Kingdom FM radio stations donated toys, and locals and local businesses donated cosy clothing, valuing the package to each family at £165, with £50 extra for each child; praises Fife Gingerbread on its festive packages value reaching almost £50,000, and wishes it the very best of luck with its future fundraising efforts.

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