Motion - Project 70 to Light Up Town’s Art and Heritage

Publised date : 02 Oct 2018

Motion Text:

That the Parliament welcomes the preparations of Project 70 in Glenrothes, which will take a look back in history and art heritage with a visual spectacle to celebrate the town’s 70th anniversary; notes that this is a free, one night only event, which is set to light up Kingdom House, one of Glenrothes’s most prominent buildings, in October 2018; understands that the project creator, Aaron Andrews’, aim was to create something that had not been done in Glenrothes before and thought that, with 2018 not only being the 70th anniversary of the town but also the 50th anniversary of David Harding becoming the country’s first town artist, it was the perfect time to give people a visual and musical event like no other; recognises that this visual show will be projected onto the gable end of Kingdom House in the town centre, which is a perfect backdrop with the celebrated sculpture of birds situated below, and wishes Aaron and those who are a part of Project 70 the best of luck on the night, and with their future projects.


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