Jodie Chalk's Big Screen Debut

Publised date : 07 Mar 2019

That the Parliament congratulates Jodie Chalk, who is a motorbike racer from Glenrothes, on a documentary about her, The Racer, which chronicles her promising career and premieres on BBC Scotland on 28 February 2019; notes that the 30-minute film highlights Jodie's ambitions of reaching the summit of her sport and one day becoming MotoGP Champion; acknowledges that it focuses on the 2018 CB500 National Championship and explores the hurdles that Jodie has had to overcome, being a gay female in a male-dominated sport; notes that it highlights her relationship with her father, who is an ex-firefighter and who was a Scottish classic champion in the early 1990s, and documents that she was only four when she got her first bike at Christmas; acknowledges that the film also show the highs and lows as Jodie and her father try to raise funds to further her career while dealing with the pressures of a £20,000-a-year sport, and wishes Jodie the best of luck with her racing career and other endeavours.


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