Glenrothes is 70!

Publised date : 08 Jun 2018

That the Parliament celebrates the 70th anniversary of Glenrothes; notes that, since 1948, Glenrothes has become an established community, home to Fife’s third largest population; acknowledges the efforts of local schools and community groups, which have come together to organise a range of projects ensuring that the occasion is celebrated; understands that Glenrothes was the first of Scotland’s new towns to have a resident town artist, and that the area’s vibrant sculptures have become internationally renowned; considers that Glenrothes has continued to find success with regular accolades from Britain in Bloom and Keep Scotland Beautiful, most notably being named Scotland’s most beautiful town in 2012, and welcomes this important milestone in the town’s rich history as Glenrothes continues to grow and develop.

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