Five-year-old McKenzie Brackley chosen as face of WellChild Christmas Campaign.

Publised date : 25 Jan 2019

Jenny Gilruth MSP has lodged Motion S5M-15152 to congratulate five-year-old McKenzie Brackley, who is from Leven, on becoming the face of the WellChild Christmas campaign.


Motion Number: S5M-15152
Lodged By: Jenny Gilruth
Date Lodged: 13/12/2018

Title: McKenzie Brackley, the New Face of WellChild

Motion Text:

That the Parliament congratulates five-year-old McKenzie Brackley, who is from Leven, on becoming the face of the WellChild Christmas campaign, which aims to provide more WellChild nurses to support families with children who have been in hospital through the difficult process that can the follow the child being discharged, to give them the confidence to provide care at home; notes that McKenzie was diagnosed with the complex condition, acute flaccid paralysis, after he became seriously ill in 2016, and that he spent Christmas that year in hospital; acknowledges that he was fitted with a tracheotomy to help him breathe and that the WellChild nurses, Linda and Laurie, gave his family in-depth practical training on using and maintaining the equipment that he needs; note that McKenzie met the Earl and Countess of Dumbarton at a recent awards ceremony in London, at which he was presented with a WellChild award in recognition of the inspiring way that he has dealt with the condition; applauds WellChild on its work, and wishes McKenzie and his family all the best over the festive period and for the future.

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